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Courage, Commitment, Confidence, Control

Whether you are taking on an important race or preparing for your first sportive, this website has been created for you. You will find articles, videos and interviews with some of the worlds top athletes. We are aiming to provide non-psycho-babble advice and simple practical exercises designed to improve mental toughness and focus. 

We have also included some products and courses used by the professional cyclists we work with. Please feel free to browse the site, contact us with any questions and  join our FREE high performance hub.  

Mental training and toughness are just as important as physical ability. I have spent 2 years building this course and packing it with practical training techniques and helpful strategies for those looking for that winning edge. Whether you are a competitor, coach or parent this course will help you reach new levels of performance.

Course consists of 60+ Videos and over 70 Practical Exercises with 24/7 access via email.

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