About Cycling Psychology

Hey there

I am Alan Heary and I am recognised as one of the country’s top mental fitness coaches. I am a graduate of Dublin City University, with a degree in Sport Science and Health and have over 25 years experience helping athletes achieve success.

My cycling clients include world champions, Olympians, and professional cycling teams. I am currently working and travelling with the UCI professional cycling team EvoPro Racing.

I love ultra cycling racing and I have competed in the Race Across America and I am the founder of one of the toughest bike races in the world – Race Around Ireland. 

As a cyclist I know how it feels to one day go out feeling as if you are Chris Froome and the next day under the exact same conditions feel like a big donkey! Most athletes will tell you that performance is all in the mind but the really successful ones don’t just say it, they believe it and they do something about it. They use psychological training. 

I have always been fascinated with what can be achieved with the right mindset and I am obsessed with endurance sports so I thought I would create a website and some really great downloadable products to teach you some of the exercises and techniques I have used to help Olympic and World champions reach their full potential.

I have developed this site and those products to help you reach a whole new level of performance, so read the posts, download the products, do the exercises and let me know how you get on.

The exercises and techniques, which are available to you are specifically for cyclists.

This site and the products found on it, aim to help you develop:

  • Control over pre-competition anxiety
  • Laser sharp concentration
  • Unshakeable belief and confidence
  • Supreme mental toughness
  • Greater levels of motivation

With this site I am not going to just stick to the usual Sports Psychology techniques but will introduce you to the secrets of other mental training tools used by top professionals including powerful imagery and visualisation techniques.