Preparing for 2020 Workshop

Motivation has been described as one of the most important factors in cycling success.

It is what drives you to get out on your bike, and to keep going in the face of adversity. It not only affects your performance in events, but also determines the frequency and intensity with which you engage in training, as well as your willingness to adjust your lifestyle. As such, it is the catalyst of your physical condition.

On this workshop Alan will bring you through his powerful 4 step strategy to boost motivation, build willpower and overcome any obstacle that is stopping you from getting the best out of your training.

Too often in cycling, coaching focuses solely on optimising training schedules, monitoring physical parameters (heart rate, watts, etc), improving your bike, eating properly, and of course buying better tech — in short: body and bike.

Naturally, ensuring these components are as good as they can be is important, but what happens if you can’t maintain the motivation to use them!

Packed with practical exercises, case studies and fun this workshop is a must for all levels of cyclist and all disciplines from road to mountain to BMX rider.

10 Things This Workshop Will Teach You

Learn to:

  1. Motivate yourself quickly
  2. Break bad habits and start good ones
  3. Consistently get on your bike and enjoy it
  4. Make better nutrition decisions
  5. Understand what your barriers really are and work through getting rid of them
  6. Avoid the mistakes most people make when setting goals
  7. Develop willpower
  8. Make tiny changes that can deliver really big result
  9. Get back on track quickly if you get off course
  10. Most importantly…. How to put these ideas into practice for great results

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